Celebrate Clarity and Comfort: Choosing Between JABRA Evolve2 85 and Evolve2 75 Wireless Headsets

JABRA Evolve2 85 Stereo Wireless Headset With USB LINK380A


  • Features and different:

    • Connection: Equipped with USB LINK380A, supports both USB-A and USB-C connections.
    • Key Features: Focuses on professional-grade audio, ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) technology, and excellent call quality.
    • Suitable Environment: Ideal for professional environments requiring high-quality audio and clear calls, such as large offices, busy conference rooms, or remote work setups.
    • Pros: Offers outstanding audio and call quality, supports active noise cancellation, suitable for long hours of wearing.
    • Cons: Relatively higher price, may exceed the budget of some users.




JABRA Evolve2 75 Stereo Wireless Headset With USB-A / USB-C

Jabra Evolve2 75

  • Features and different:

    • Connection: Available with either USB-A or USB-C connection options.
    • Key Features: Focuses on comfort, portability, and excellent call quality.
    • Suitable Environment: Suitable for office environments where comfort and high-quality calls are needed, especially for users who need to move frequently.
    • Pros: High level of comfort, suitable for extended wear; relatively lower price, suitable for users with limited budgets.
    • Cons: May not have as strong audio performance and active noise cancellation as the Evolve2 85.




  • Audio and Call Quality:
    • Evolve2 85 provides superior audio and call quality with professional-grade ANC technology that effectively reduces environmental noise.
    • Evolve2 75 also offers high-quality calls, but may not be as outstanding as the Evolve2 85.
  • Comfort and Portability:
    • Evolve2 75 excels in comfort and portability, suitable for users who need to move frequently, such as those who often move between offices or attend meetings in different locations.
  • Use Cases:
    • If you need high-quality audio and call quality in a busy office environment and don't mind the price, then Evolve2 85 is your top choice.
    • If you need comfort and portability and have less stringent requirements for audio and call quality, Evolve2 75 is a more economical option.


Environments where your company can maximize benefits:

  • Evolve2 85: Suitable for professionals in busy office environments requiring high-quality audio and clear calls.
  • Evolve2 75: Suitable for users who need frequent mobility, prioritize comfort, and require clear calls.




Both of these headsets are designed to enhance your productivity and comfort at work, whether you need professional-grade audio or efficient calls, the JABRA Evolve2 series can meet your needs.