UPS Battery Replacement Service

As part of the corporate Business Continuity Planning (BCP) , it is a good practice to check your batteries in the UPS. If required, as a guide, you will need to replace batteries every 2-3 years depending on your load.  Normally, you will face with 2 choices. You can choose the easy to install the original manufacturer battery or generic battery. In the real world, batteries are just batteries. even the original manufacturer are using the same or similar batteries. The most important factor in deciding is the ability to install it and the availability.  You can find this option for UPS battery in Malaysia. You can find ups battery replacement price here.

Most UPS (APC, Eaton, Liebert, MGE, Socomec) will need battery replacement after 1-4 years depending on the UPS Capacity and Power Load. When it is time to change, most UPS will beep and flash the “Replace battery Logo” on the UPS. UPS used the Sealed Lead Acid Batteries (SLA) or VRLA (Valve-Regulated Lead Acid). They are either connected in series or parallel. You can buy two types of battery, original battery and compatible battery.

How to get the right UPS Replacement Battery Cartridge RBC for APC UPS?

Why should I use only genuine APC Replacement Battery Cartridge in my APC UPS?

Customers may wish to clarify why APC recommends using only genuine APC RBC in their UPS rather than 3rd party batteries with similar specifications, and may also wish to find out how to differentiate between a genuine APC RBC and a 3rd party battery.

Product Line:
All APC UPS models using RBC type batteries.

Using of a non-APC battery may result in lower runtime, damage the UPS, create hazardous conditions, or void safety certifications on the UPS.
Using of a non-APC battery will void APC’s Equipment Protection Policy.
APC provides a 1-year warranty on each RBC.
APC supplies the appropriate instructions, wires and connectors.

The APC RBC batteries that are supplied with(in) a UPS will not have a dedicated Serial Number sticker, however they will always have a label marking them as Genuine APC shown below.
All APC RBC batteries purchased separately will have a dedicated Serial Number sticker showing the RBC Model and Serial Number, in addition to the below Genuine APC label.

UPS Battery Replacement Guidelines

  • Never connect cells in parallel and/or series that are not designed for that purpose. A cell mismatch may cause overcharge and venting with flame.
  • Never charge or discharge the battery without connecting a working protection circuit. Each cell must be monitored individually and the current disconnected if an anomaly occurs.
  • Always attach a temperature sensor when charging and discharging the battery. The temperature sensor must disconnect the current on excess temperature.
  • Only connect cells that are matched and have the identical state-of-charge.
  • Pay special attention when using an unknown brand. Not all brands contain intrinsic safety features that protect the cell when stressed.
  • Never leave the battery unattended while under charge or discharge.
  • Do not charge a battery that has physical damage.


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