Remote Support Services

Remote Support Services

Remote Support Service is service offering to end users facing IT issues, provided by IT engineers. It is triggered by running a client-support software. The most common software used is Teamviewer. It allows engineers or technicians to access their customers’ systems to provide various services such as tool updates, patch installation or application performance evaluations.

Why Remote Support Services?

  1. Speed – Faster response and turnaround time
  2. Availability –  Engineer can connect to end user anytime and anywhere
  3. Profitability – save travelling and other-related expenses
  4. Efficiency – over 90% IT issues can be resolved remotely
  5. Knowledge Sharing – Both the end user and engineer share the same screen and working interactively in real-time
  6. Customer Satisfaction – Customer resolution time is shorten and get back to work faster

If remote support services failed to address end user issue, then onsite support services is activated.

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