APC Easy UPS On-Line 3kVA/2700W 230V 6x IEC C13 + 1x IEC C19 outlets (SRV3KI-E)

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APC Easy UPS On-Line 3kVA/2700W 230V 6x IEC C13 + 1x IEC C19 outlets (SRV3KI-E)

For IT professionals in small to medium businesses, APCTM Easy UPS On-Line provides advanced power protection in unstable power conditions, ensuring consistent and reliable connectivity. APC Easy UPS On-line is a versatile, high quality, cost-competitive UPS, developed to handle a wide input voltage range and inconsistent power conditions, delivering quality power to millions of IT professionals around the world.

Standard Features

Ensures clean, reliable power supply to essential loads from brownouts, line noise, voltage transients, and power outages.

High Power Factor

It has an output power factor of up to 0.9, allowing it to power more servers than similar UPSs with equivalent VA ratings and lower power factors.

Generator Compatible

It is compatible with a wide input frequency range (40 – 70 Hz), making it suitable for use with generators and ensuring clean, uninterrupted power to the loads during a power outage.

High Efficiency

It offers up to 88 – 90% efficiency in online double-conversion mode and 93 – 94% efficiency in ECO mode. This high efficiency helps save utility and cooling costs without compromising performance or reliability.

Environmentally Robust

The UPS is conformal coated, providing protection to the components from the elements, including moisture, dust, and extreme temperatures.

Cold Start Capability

It allows users to power up connected equipment on battery mode when utility power is not available, providing flexibility and convenience.

2-Year Warranty

The UPS comes with a comprehensive warranty for electronics and battery functionality, offering peace of mind to the users. In case of any detected fault or error, the product will be promptly repaired or replaced.

By providing clean and reliable power, high efficiency, compatibility with generators, and robust environmental protection, this UPS ensures the safe and uninterrupted operation of essential loads, making it a reliable solution for power backup needs.



Main Input Voltage 230 V
Other Input Voltage 220 V
240 V
Main Output Voltage 230 V
Other Output Voltage 220 V
240 V
rated power in W 2700 W
Rated power in VA 3000 VA
Input Connection Type IEC 60320 C20
output connection type 6 IEC 60320 C13
1 IEC 60320 C19
Cable length 1.5 m
Number of cables 1
Provided equipment 1 IEC 60320 C19 to Schuko power cable
1 IEC 60320 C13 to C14 power cable
1 USB cable
1 RS-232 configuration cable
user manual
Batteries & Runtime
Run Time View Runtime Graph
Efficiency View Efficiency Graph
Battery type Lead-acid battery
Battery voltage 72 V
Number of battery filled slots 0
Number of battery free slots 0
Battery recharge time 4 h
Battery life 3…5 year(s)
Replacement battery APCRBCV205
Battery charger power 60 W rated
Max runtime 3 min
Number of power module filled slots 0
Number of power module free slots 0
Redundant No
Colour Black (RAL 7010)
Height 33.6 cm
Width 19 cm
Depth 42.5 cm
Net weight 26.0 kg
Mounting location Front
Mounting preference No preference
Mounting mode Not rack-mountable
USB compatible Yes
Mounting position Vertical
Input voltage limits 110...285 V half load
180...285 V full load
Network frequency 40...70 Hz auto sensing
Maximum configurable power in VA 3000 VA
Maximum configurable power in W 2700 W
Output frequency 50/60 Hz +/- 3 Hz sync to mains
Harmonic distortion 3 %
UPS type Double conversion online
Wave type Sine wave
Efficiency 88 % (full load)
Additional information Configurable for 220 : 230 or 240 nominal output voltage
bypass type Internal bypass (automatic and manual)
Crest factor 3 : 1
Product certifications CE
Standards EN/IEC 62040-1:2019/A11:2021
EN/IEC 62040-2:2006/AC:2006
EN/IEC 62040-2:2018
Ambient air temperature for operation 0…40 °C
Relative humidity 0…95 % non-condensing
Operating altitude 0...3000 m
Ambient air temperature for storage -20…50 °C
Storage Relative Humidity 0…95 % non-condensing
Storage altitude 0…15000 m
Acoustic level 50 dBA
heat dissipation 1024 Btu/h
IP degree of protection IP20
Communications & Management
Alarm Alarm when on battery : distinctive low battery alarm : overload continuous tone alarm
Free slots 1
control panel Multifunction LCD status and control console
Surge Protection and Filtering
Surge energy rate 945 J
Packing Units
Unit Type of Package 1 PCE
Number of Units in Package 1 1
Package 1 Height 46.5 cm
Package 1 Width 56.5 cm
Package 1 Length 32.5 cm
Package 1 Weight 28 kg
Contractual warranty
Warranty 2 years repair or replace

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